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National University's Budget in Japan among OECD countries, the Japanese Government's budget (percentage of GDP) for universities is one of the worst. 89 national universities (now 86 in 2019) have been independent from the Ministry of Education since 2004. Since then, 1% of the budget for faculty personnel expense has been decreased every year. 1% looks small number but 15 years make accumulated decrease of budget became 15% in total. It has become a huge amount. When a national university would like to start a new program, we have to ask the budget for the program to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance because university budget has no allowance for a new program. IGSAP got the budget in 2015 but it has a tenure of 6 years. Tohoku University is one of the largest national universities in Japan but without a supporting fund, it can't afford to continue the project like IGSAP...Read More


Projected Program of 1st Initiative

Title: Seminar on the cooperation of industry, government and academy (III).
Program Leader: Toshifumi Takada.
Period: ASeptember 2020- January 2021, 1 credit course for EMBA
Organization: College of Management, NCCU and International Business Alliance Inc.
Language: Chinese, English, Japanese translated.

1. Program Objectives and Outline:
Business and social environments are advancing and changing rapidly these years. This program is designed for the students and graduates of EMBA, College of Management; CEOs and Executives of SMEs; and other people. We focus on the ideas, philosophy and methodologies of new business through introducing cases, cultural and social background, information technologies (AI, IOT, block chain), and having events and exchange activities.

2. Learning Goal:
To understand traditional industries and new businesses together is a learning goal. Several distinguished professors and business persons from Taiwan and Japan will be invited to this course. In addition, events, activities and exchange program are to be held during the course.

3. Program Content and Schedule:
Seminar or event will be held once a month in Chiayi, NCCU or Taipei, NCCU Satellite.

Annual meeting 2020-2021

Sunday, September 13 from 16:00 – 18:00
Speaker: Mr. Watanabe and Professor Toshifumi Takada.

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: Opening Seminar of Art and Business.

Brief: Combination of Design and Business: Potentials of Wild Flowers in Taiwan by Professor Koichi Watanabe (Fukushima University).

Sunday, October 18 from 16:00 – 18:00
Speaker: Mr. Wei Sanfeng and Ms. Selina.

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: Aging Society by Photos

Brief: Aging people in Taiwan through the finder and social issues by Wei Sanfeng introduced by Ms. Selina.

Sunday, November 8 from 16:00 – 18:00
Speaker: Mr. Hideki Takayama and Professor Toshifumi Takada.

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: Sushi and Supply Chain of Fish Seminar.

Brief: What is Sushi? history and International Supply Chain of fish by Mr. Hideki Takayama.

Annual meeting 2020-2021

Sunday, December 13 from 16:00 – 18:00
Speaker:Professor Toshifumi Takada

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: B Class Foods Dumpling Seminar.

Brief: B Class foods are cheap but delicious Dumpling is one of them and Utsunomiya City is famous.

Sunday, January 10, 2021 from 16:00 – 18:00

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: Symposium of SME’s Creation of New Business and Party with Japan Delegation.

Brief: Role of SMEs in Creation of New Business –Past, Present and Future – by big name from both sides.

Sunday, February 10, 2021 from 16:00 – 18:00
Speaker:Ms. Yoko Suga and Chigira May

Venue: CCU Campus

Topic: Tea Ceremony or Flower Arrangement.

Brief: Kimono dressing and Tea Ceremony or Flower Arrangement; and Introduction of Japanese Spiritual Culture.

More Meetings

Hosting Organizations:
(1) NCCU College of Managemen.
Dean: Professor She-I Chang.
(2) International Business Alliance Inc.
President: Yoko Suga
Directors: Masatoshi Sakaki, Toshifumi Takada

The program contents will be delivered in English, Japanese and Chinese language as needed. Program Leader: Toshifumi Takada (Professor, College of Management, NCCU) Email: ttakada0830@gmail.com
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President and CEO



Ms. SUGA has been engaged in the education of Japanese Business Communication at the universities of Taiwan, China and Japan. She is also very positive in the academic research in the field of Business Communication. She is responsible for management and operations of IBA.



Masatoshi Sakaki


Mr. SAKAKI is Certified Public Accountant in Japan. He used to be an executive partner of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC and specialized in IT and FinTech. He is teaching IT and Fintec at the universities of Taiwan and Japan. He is responsible for the development of new business collaborating with IBA.



Toshifumi TAKADA


Prof. TAKADA is Professor of National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, and Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University. He has accumulated lots of research and educational experiences at universities in Japan, China and Japan. He is responsible for IBA Seminars.

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Accounting research has changed in 1980s dramatically called 'Accounting Revolution'. Empirical methodology of econometrics using statistics were introduced to accounting research. From 1980s till now, this has been a main stream of accounting research. On the other hand, one of the important roles of university professors in accountancy is to contribute to the practice. This mission have been forgotten since 1980s. The 1st objective of our paper is to change this condition. We started International Business Alliance Corporation; having seminars and events related to accounting, information technology and business communication. IBA's activities have been supported by National Chung Cheng University and very successful.

IBA's activities are now focusing on the exchange between Japan and Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam. We will extend the programs to Asian and African countries. These are possible because of IGSAP's international academic exchange. One of the authors visited over 30 countries and was responsible for having academic exchanges and MOUs of double degree programs.

Academic research in accounting is not limited to empirical study but can be developed to a type of engineering research. Engineering research means making something useful to society or practice. IBA is now engaged in making useful systems; SMEs accounting, business communication, cybersecurity, new business (food, culture, IOT, etc.).